Venue:Hall C

JAXA spacecraft scale model
Exhibition Area

Exhibition of a full-scale Take-Toyo model of Hayabusa2,
the world's first spacecraft to successfully
return samples from an asteroid. Exhibition of a one-half scale model of the MMX spacecraft, which is scheduled to make the world's first sample return from a Mars satellite with a launch in FY2026 atEIMMX(Martian Moons eXploration)].

Venue:Hall C

Aichi Creative R&D Results Exhibition Area

About 80 companies and organizations (100 booths)、
from Aichi Prefecture will exhibit the results of their research and development.

Organizer:Aichi Prefecture

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※Japanese Only

Venue:Hall C Seminar Area Thursday, June 6, 14:30 -

Human Resource Development Study Group "Today's Education of Colleges of Technology, Let's deepen mutual understanding in Chubu" (in Japanese)

The speakers, including associate professors from Numazu National College of Technology, Toyota National College of Technology, and Suzuka National College of Technology, as well as from the National Institution of National Colleges of Technology, which leads technical college education, will introduce the latest in technical college education, using two themes: "How to train engineers in the 2022 era" and "Risk management in the event of a new corona or Noto Peninsula earthquake.

人材育成研究会「高専教育の今、相互理解を深めよう in 中部」