06.05(Sat) 13:30-14:10 Webinar W-10




Event time 2024.06.05(Sat) 13:30~14:10
title カーボンニュートラルへの電気化学的アプローチ
Company / Organization Name 株式会社KRI
Venue Webinar
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KRI, Inc.

  • Hydrogen/Ammonia Next Generation Energy Exhibition

KRI is a research and development business partner that listens to the concerns of our customers and helps them solve their technical problems. From materials to parts, devices to systems, we have specialized researchers in each field, and by forming cross-sectional projects as necessary, we can provide one-stop problem solving.We will accompany you in achieving carbon neutrality by utilizing our specialized know-how and skills in a wide range of technical elements such as "DAC" and "methanation".

location 5-11-151 Torishima, Konohana-ku, Osaka
telephone number 0664649237
Email ecd@ml.kri-inc.jp
URL https://www.kri-inc.jp/
Department name Electrochemical Device Reserch Labolatory